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Marcus Jones Says Rampage Jackson Isn't Really A Bad Coach

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Despite what you hear from Rashad and the guys in the house, my nickname is actually "The Darkness" and not "Big Baby."  So if you see me in the streets, make sure you get it right. 

I was in that house to fight. When Rashad mentioned that I may be the next fight, I got excited.  I was in great mental and physical shape, was working hard in practice and wanted to show what I can do.  I wanted the opportunity to be the guy to break the losing streak. 

Rampage and the coaches really did do a great job with us.  The cameras are really portraying Rampage in a different light than how we first saw him.  He is a very emotional fighter and it kills him to see his guys go down.  He really cared for us.  Rampage and the coaches put a lot of time into our fight preparation.  For each fight Rampage would develop a game plan.  It was up to us to execute.  It just seemed like once gloves were touched all that went out the window.  I think his attitude towards his fighters is based on the expectations