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Report: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Will Fight The Winner Of Shane Carwin/Brock Lesnar

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That's the word according to via Wrestling Observer).  This is a fight that I've been lobbying for every since Nogueira bested Randy Couture at UFC 102 and this is why.  An overwhelming majority of you agreed with me that Nogueira earned that title shot after defeating Couture as well.  Nogueira is past his prime, but giving him this title shot accomplishes quite a few things.

-It gives Lesnar the winner of the Lesnar/Carwin fight a credbile opponent.  Nogueira is still ranked as at least the #4 heavyweight in the world and some have him as #3.(He's #4 on this site).

-The fight is very marketable in the fact that Nogueira can take loads of punishment and still pull off mythical wins via submission, and both Lesnar and Carwin have largely unproven submission defense.

-Nogueira challenging for the belt allows future contenders like Cain Velasquez the opportunity to get more experience and improve their skills.

Since the Lesnar/Carwin fight is taking place in late November.  The earliest this fight could take place is probably sometime in March 2010 unless the injury bug strikes again or something.