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"Cage Fights At The Epicenter" in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Fightlab Promotions will be presenting their "Cage Fights At The Epicenter" in Charlotte, North Carolina, on October 14th.  The Epicenter is located in the heart of downtown Charlotte.  This will be the first ever MMA event in uptown Charlotte, so if you live in the area, make sure you come and support your local MMA scene.  You can get your tickets here and the event starts at 7:30pm EST.  The entire fight card can be found after the jump.

-Adam Dehart(6-3) vs. Michael Krug(2-0)

-Jeremy Holm(2-0) vs. Emmanuel Lamonte McMullens(2-1)

-Andrew Brinton(3-1) vs. James Davis(2-5)

-Marc Corum(2-1) vs. Jason Lineberger(2-3)

-Micah Lail(4-3) vs. Frank Wazkut(2-0)

-Chico Santiago(3-4) vs. Herman Johnson(0-0)

-David Foard(0-0) vs. Jordan Rinaldi(3-1)

-Ryan Brunke(2-0) vs. Grant Holland(1-0)

-Ronny Huitt(0-0) vs. Anthony Cooper(1-2)

-Ryan Bedini(3-4) vs. Matt Marshall(0-1)