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UFC 104 Preview: Spencer Fisher says Joe Stevenson Will Try To Lay And Pray At UFC 104

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North Carolina native Spencer Fisher gave his thoughts on his upcoming bout against Joe Stevenson at UFC 104.  Fisher is coming off a very close decision win against MMA pioneer Caol Uno at UFC 99.  He didn't pull any punches suprisingly when talking about Stevenson and his preparation for this fight:

I've got a bunch of wrestlers in here, more accomplished ones than Joe [Stevenson]. I had some good wrestling coaches in the past, but they didn't really know how to coach wrestling. I have better coaches now, world class wrestlers. I don't care what Joe says, he's going to try to take me down and I'm gonna try to beat him up. I'm going to beat him up where ever the fight goes. I'm going to punch him in the face, that's my gameplan.

Joe's not very tricky. The fans know, everyone knows, he's going to try to lay on me for three rounds. He wants to lay on top. He likes the guillotine and he's finished some guys with that, but other than that he doesn't have much.

I think Fisher is spot on for the most part.  Fisher will definitely have the edge standing with Stevenson being known primarily for his grappling/wrestling.  However, Stevenson is a tough cookie to crack so Fisher will need to be on his game to avoid his being taken down and laid upon.  Who do you like in this match up?

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