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Brett Rogers Says Half Of Fedor's Wins Are Not Under MMA Rules

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Oh man, Brett Rogers is really doing a great job of talking smack as his chance at catching lighting in a bottle against Fedor Emelianenko draws near.  Rogers had this to say in regards to how training is going and his thoughts on Fedor's ground game:

"I've been working hard on my wrestling and ground skills so even if it does end up on the ground, I'll just scramble to my feet and continue to pick him apart"

"The main difference between me and him is that he will come out looking for a quick submission where as I'm going to be looking to knock his head into the 8th row. Don't get me wrong I respect him as a fighter, but he'll respect me even more when I lay it on him and knock him out."

"He can't afford to get sloppy with me like he did in the Arlovski fight, if he comes in looking like that again it's going to be a short night for him, I don't play around when I'm in there"

Actually, Fedor has been more willing to stand and trade lately as evident in the Tim Syliva and Andrei Arlovski fights.  So I doubt he'll try to come out and instantly take the fight to the ground.  When asked about Fedor's huge edge in experience, Rogers had this to say:

"He might be 30-1 but half those wins weren't even under MMA rules, if you only count his MMA fights our records would look about the same."


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