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I Guess Josh Koscheck Didn't Learn Anything From The Paulo Thiago Fight?

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He announced that he'll be fighting Mike Pierce at Ultimate Fight Night 20 on January 11th via his Twitter account:

Fighting January 11 2010 spike tv vs Mike Pierce UFN 20 Like I said don't care who I fight or where just get me someone who wants to fight

Now, I respect a guy that just likes to fight and put on a good show and what not.  However, when you are in someone like Koscheck's position, you can't just accept any fight.  Mike Pierce isn't a bad fighter at all.  In fact, he just upset the insanely tough Brock Larson at Ultimate Fight Night 19.  However, beating Pierce doesn't really do anything for Koscheck besides put a little extra money in his pocket.  A loss in this fight would be a huge blow to him.  It would be the second time within a year that he's fought and lost to a relative unknown fighter.  However, Koscheck also tweeted this:

Bad news! Not fighting matt Hughes :( but the good news is.... I'll be wipping GSP's ass real soon!!

So does Koscheck get another shot at GSP with a win over Pierce?