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North Carolina MMA: The Best Of Both Worlds-Fall Classic

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Battlegroup International presents The Best Of The Both Worlds-Fall Classic event on Saturday, October 24th, in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The event will take place at The Betty Rae Thomas Recreation center, and the event will boast over 10 fights with things getting kicked off at 7pm EST.  You can get your ticket information here.  The entire fight card is as follows:

-Brian Moretz(1-0) vs. Garrett Parks(0-0)

-Chris Foy(0-0) vs. Bryan Roberson(0-0)

-Casey Johnson(5-0) vs. Jason Reno(0-0)

-Joshua Stanley(1-3) vs. Josh Parker(0-0)

-Justin Vaughan(0-0) vs. Cody Rowland(0-0)

-Kevin Forant(1-0) vs. Chris Pincay(0-0)

-Me'Shack Adams(1-0) vs. Jordan Handy(0-0)

-Stewart Smith(0-0) vs. Richard Riggins III(0-3)

-Zebidiah Downey(0-0) vs. Rick Rainey(0-0)

-Jody Merriman(0-0) vs. Dan Morrison(0-0)

-Justin Kish(0-0) vs. Joleen Brandon(0-0)