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"Cage Fights at the Epicenter" Results

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Fight Lab Pros held an amateur MMA event: "Cagefights at the Epicenter" in Charlotte, NC on Wednesday, October 14th. Below are the results:

185- Adam Dehart (NC) 7-3 def. Michael Krug (NC) 2-1 by TKO in the 3rd

HWT- Jeremy Holm (NC) 4-0 def. Emmanuel McMullens (NC) 2-2 by TKO in the 2nd

145- James Davis (NC) 3-5 def. Andrew Brinton (NC) 3-2 by TKO in the 1st

170- Micah Lail (NC) 5-3 def. Ryan Brunke (SC) 2-1 by submission in the 1st

155- Jason Lineberger (NC) 3-3 def. Marc Corum (NC) 2-2 by submission in the 1st

155- David Foard (NC) 1-0 def. Jason Salvo (SC) 0-2 by TKO in the 3rd

170- Grant Holland (NC) 2-0 def. Daniel Terry (NC) 1-4 by submission in the 1st

185- Ronny Huitt (NC) 1-0 def. Anthony Cooper (GA) 1-3 by submission in the 1st

145- Robert Shanor (NC) 4-0 def. Bradley Essick (NC) 3-2 by decision

The Adam Dehart vs. Michael Krug, Jason Salvo vs. David Foard, and Andrew Brinton vs. Nate Davis fights can be seen here.  The Bradley Essick vs. Robert Shanor, Marc Corum vs. Jason Lineberger, Jeremy Holms vs. Mont McMullins, and Grant Holland vs. Daniel Terry fights can be seen here.