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The UFC Continues To Re-Stock Their Weight Divisions

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The UFC has experienced some big changes over the past 3 years and none are bigger than the changing of the old guard of UFC superstars.  The Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes, and Randy Couture's of the world are no longer champions.  Although still somewhat relevant depending on who you ask, there are new guys that have taken their places.  Names by the name of Lyoto Machida, George St. Pierre, and Brock Lesnar.  We didn't really notice it at the time, but the UFC was preparing for the day that the old guard would no longer reign supreme over their respective weight divisions.  It appears they are preparing for the next wave of new fighters as well even though the current champions are in their respective prime.

Over the past few months, the UFC has brought in some very talented fighters and added a couple more in the past week or so.  Let's take a look at some of the names: 

-Mike Guymon(welterweight)

-Rory MacDonald(welterweight)

-Rodney Wallace(Light Heavyweight)

-Ben Rothwell(Heavyweight)

-Fabrício "Morango" Camões(lightweight)

-Alexander Gustafsson(light heavyweight)

-Jared Hamman(light heavyweight)

-Lucio Linhares(middleweight)

-Jake Ellenberger(welterweight)

-Ricardo Funch(welterweight)

-Chase Gormley(heavyweight)

Now, some of these guys will never be champions, and some will lose their first UFC fight and probably be dismissed.  However, the fact that the UFC continues to search and sign some of the best available up and coming talent is key to them staying at the top of the MMA industry.  Not only does it signal that they have the best fighters.  Having the best fighters attracts the best fighters that are unsigned to go and compete there as well.  You can also see that the UFC is concentrating on continuing to build their heavyweight division.  Also, they actively looking to re-stock their welterweight division with new contenders since GSP has ran through just about everyone.  Not only that, some of those welterweights could possibly filter down to the lightweight division as well if they had too.  The UFC has the deepest division in all of MMA at light heavyweight, yet they still continue to seek the best talent.  Well done Joe Silva.