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Rampage Jackson Not Happy With Being Depicted As A Bad Coach On TUF 10

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You'll remember that I wrote about Rampage Jackson getting the Ken Shamrock treatment on this season of TUF after last weeks episode.  In fact, Dana White brought up Ken Shamrock's name on last night's episode somewhat comparing the two.  The last thing I wrote was me wondering how Rampage felt about how he's being portrayed on the show.  Well, he kind of delves into his thought process via his personal blog:

So after that fight I was furious. But I still had one more fighter in the locker room who I had to prepare for his fight. Wes Shivers had a tougher fight lined up, in my opinion, and it was a more important fight for me because I knew Wes could beat James. Also James was one of Rashad's team mates that didn't have to try out for the show, that's why I wanted to take him out so badly. In Wes Shivers evaluation the coaches told me that he had the best cardio out of everybody. He had great stand up and great BJJ so I was disappointed when he got winded in the fight and let the game plan go out the window. But in Wes' defense I think he won that fight, or at least should have gone to a 3rd round, but I was trying to keep my composure because I was already so pissed off at Abe. I didn't want to lose my temper and go crazy. That's when I knew T.U.F was going to be the same bullshit as Season 7. Rashad acts so fake and cocky and he wants to act like he cares more about my fighter than I do and brag about how he's a better coach than I am. But I tried to explain to him that I'm not a coach and I won't be coaching after my fighting career, like he might. So as the fights go on and I end up losing a couple fights in a row, I grew more pissed and I let it get to me. So, the whole time Rashad was being a dick and cocky, I just talked to them back in the locker room, in private. Rashad thought the show was about him, about how good of a coach he could be and how fake he could be. But I knew what it was all about.

It appears that things will not get any better for Rampage the rest of the show, so I suppose he wanted to 'clear the air' so to speak about his thought process and why he did what he did on the show.  I know he was talked into being a coach on the show by Dana White, and Dana White has admitted as much.  However, both parties need to think about this:

  • As someone that's as high profile in this sport as Rampage is, he should take this coaching thing more seriously.  We all know that he notoriously hates training, but at the end of the day you signed on to help coach these guys and that's what he should do to the best of his ability.  He obviously isn't doing that.  The guy obviously has great knowledge of the fighting game or else he wouldn't be as successful as he's been in his career.  He talked about wanting people around him to care about him and things of that nature when he was growing up.  However, he's doing the same thing to these fighters that he criticized others for and it's called abandonment.
  • As far as Dana White goes, I know this show was centered around two things.  Building up the fight between Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans, and finding a couple of legitimate heavyweight prospects.  I know that ratings are a large part of this show, but if you have to talk someone into doing something they really don't want to do then why have them do it?  It's short changing the guys that sacrifice 6 weeks of their lives to supposedly get elite training as well as elite facilities to train in.   Pick coaches that really want to be there next time.