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So CBS Is Going To Promote Fedor Emelianenko After All

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I suppose it's better than nothing at all.  It's too bad that they can't use any real fight footage of Fedor's amazing feats.  I like the overall feel of it though, I would think that the casual viewer would interpret Fedor as being over the top incredible though.  Which could backfire if Fedor doesn't do something over the top incredible ya know.  It's kind of like when your cousin tells you that he knows this guy that's the next Michael Jordan on the basketball court.  Then you finally see the guy play and you aren't really impressed with him?  I wish Fedor spoke English as well, but the little wink at the end was kind of dope.  It was almost like he was telling you, "Yes, it's all true.  Make sure you tune in to see me do my thing in my next fight...that is all".  I just wonder how often CBS will air the promo and most importantly, when will they air it?

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