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Regional Fighter Profile: Elite Championship Cage Figting Welterweight Champ Tim Marcum Jr.

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Elite Championship Cage Fighting welterweight champion Tim Marcum (4-0) is one of the top young amateur fighters in the Carolinas. I was able to watch Marcum fight in person a few months back and the first thing that stood out was how physically strong he is, especially considering that he's a welterweight. Marcum combines that strength with solid wrestling skill and an aggressive approach. The future appears to be bright for Marcum. I recently caught up with Tim to get his thoughts on his first year of MMA competition and to see what his future plans are:

Rich Wyatt: How did you get into training for MMA? Did you have a background in any fighting discipline?

Tim Marcum: A guy seen me wrestle and asked me to help him and in the process i feel in love with it.  My base is wrestling.

Rich Wyatt: Where do you currently train? Who are some of your trainers and training partners?

Tim Marcum: I train at Florence Fight Farm in Timmonsville/Florence, SC.  Steve"Weasel" Montgomery, Eric Lee, Kenney, Anthony Lugo, and Jason are a few of the guys I train with.

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Rich Wyatt: You've gotten off to a 4-0 amateur record and have won and defended the Elite Championship Cage Fighting welterweight title, all in just the past several months. Tell us what your first year of MMA combat has been like.

Tim Marcum: It's been fun. I love it.

Rich Wyatt: What's next for you? Do you want to compete as an amateur for awhile and continue to gain experience there or do you see yourself turning pro soon?

Tim Marcum: I will keep training hard and make smart decisions.  I will take full advantage of every opportunity my God gives me. I plan to go pro in a few months.

Rich Wyatt: Elite Championship Cage Fighting, the organization that promoted your last fight, has developed a reputation for putting on quality fights here in North Carolina. What has it been like working with Marcelo Rodriguez and ECCF?

Tim Marcum: Marcello has a great show.  I love working with him and performing for the crowd.

Rich Wyatt: What do you consider your strengths as a fighter and what aspect of your game do you most need to continue working on?

Tim Marcum: My wrestling is my strength.  I will continue to improve every aspect of my game.

Rich Wyatt: Ideally, when would you like to be back in the cage again? Do you like keep a busy schedule?

Tim Marcum: I like staying busy.  I am currently making a trial cut to 155 pounds.

Rich Wyatt:  Is there anyone in particular that you'd like to face next?

Tim Marcum: Not really. I accept all challenges.

Rich Wyatt: When you're not training or fighting, how do you spend most of your time?

Tim Marcum: Are you telling me there is something else? (Laughs)  I like to chill, anything fun.

Rich Wyatt: With South Carolina recently agreeing to sanction MMA events, what are your thoughts on the prospect of fighting in front of a home crowd?

Tim Marcum: I love it.  I was born in Tarboro, NC and now live in Marion, SC so my home is the Carolinas.