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Ben Rothwell Thinks Cain Velasquez Should Be Scared At UFC 104

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From Yahoo Sports:

"Well, with Cain, it’s very hard for me. As tough as he is, I can’t give him those kinds of, respect, props, whatever you want to say. I feel I’m coming into this fight confident in who I am. He’s the one (who should be) scared."

He was getting hit by a 230-pound guy going backwards. Watching the fight, Cheick didn’t have his feet planted and was moving backwards and they were kind of arm punches. And he dropped him. I’ll say this to you, if he gets hit by me, and I’m going to hit him, he’ll be hit harder than he’s ever been hit before. I believe you’ll see a totally different Cain. If (those punches) don’t knock him out, I’ve gone through all this and I’ve been hit all sorts of ways. I know, the first time, it’s a hard thing to deal with. It’s going to be a big shock for him and it will be interesting to see how he deals with it."

Ben Rothwell is talking a good one, and so is Cain saying that he could beat Fedor and all.  However, Ben Rothwell has supposedly changed everything about himself over the past few months according to his manager Monte Cox.  So we could be in for some surprises in this one.  I'm probably giving Rothwell more of a shot at beating Cain than most.  I think it all depends on Cain's game plan though.  If he stands and bangs without mixing in some take downs, it could be a short night for him.  I suspect that he'll get back to his bread and butter and keep Rothwell on his back.  What say you?

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