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Jorge Santiago Is Open To Fighting For Strikeforce

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From Graciemag:

Jorge Santiago – I’m stoked in Japan and intend to stay there a good while. I haven’t fought in the United States since 2007, but now with Pezao [Antonio Silva], who also fights in Sengoku, we now have a good opening in Strikeforce. That’s something we started talking about last week and, if all goes well, I’ll start fighting in two countries. It could be I get a shot at Strikeforce, if just because the event will let me fight in Japan too, so I’ll be able to fight the whole year.

We mentioned a couple of months back that Santiago was interested in fighting in America again, but mentioned that the exclusivity that UFC requires made it unlikely.  However, now that Strikeforce is allowing some of their fighters to fight in Japan as well as the U.S., Santiago appears open to the idea.  Santiago would be an incredible addition to a growing middleweight stable of fighters for Strikeforce.  However, Santiago has a tough match up in Mamed Khalidov in his next fight at Sengoku.