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Mackens Semerzier Talks Upset Win Over Wagnney Fabiano At WEC 43

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From WEC.TV:

"If it was standing up, I wanted to be striking, but I didn’t want to come forward with my strikes. I wanted to burn a little time and get him into the second or third round where I could start punching on him, whether it be standing up or on the ground. Just try to grind him out."

"Honestly, when I first went out I wasn’t thinking about submitting him. When I found out two weeks ago that I would be fighting him, my emphasis on the ground was, (if you get on your back), get back to your feet. It was to control him on the ground so I don’t take damage and get back to my feet. It was never to really be offensive from the bottom position. Because we figured, he’s probably been in this position so many times, he’s probably going to pass (the guard) and gain an advantageous position. So I didn’t really want to play too much on the bottom. Even on top, I wanted to be very careful and if he started moving around too much I was going to disengage. But it worked out for me. I have nothing to complain about. I’m happy with the submission, that’s for sure."