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Wanderlei Silva vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama In Early 2010

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That's the word from a UFC press conference in Japan in which Akiyama said that the fight would take place at 185 pounds.  The surprise of course is that this fight could take place in Australia.  The UFC has communicated that they would like to host a show 'down under' and apparently they will be doing so sometime in the early part of 2010.  This will be Wanderlei's first fight at 185 since leaving the light heavyweight division where he was one of the top guys for over half a decade.  Silva is coming off a close decision loss to former UFC middleweight champion and current light heavyweight Rich Franklin at UFC 99.  Yoshihiro Akiyama made his successful UFC debut at UFC 100 in July, winning a very close split decision against the always game Alan Belcher.

The Akiyama/Silva rumor has been floating around now for quite a bit, but now it appears as though it'll come to fruition.  Of course Demian Maia is looking for an opponent to face in either December or January, and I thought that Akiyama would have been a good choice.  However, I suppose that Joe Silva and Dana White decided not to use my services this time around. 

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