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WEC Flyweight Division On Hold For Now

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I know some of you were asking about the WEC flyweight divisions while we were watching WEC 43 this past weekend.  The class was thought to be introduced sometime time year, however, those plans appear to be on hold according to WEC matchmaker Sean Shelby:

"When I first came in earlier this year, my goal was to build up the divisions we already had," Shelby said. "We have built quality depth into 135 and 145, and I am working on 155 now. With the number of fights we are doing now, 125 is just not a viable division for us at this moment."

"Every fight we would be doing at 125 would take a spot from our already established divisions," he said. "We have worked hard to create the depth we have, and I just don’t want to sacrifice that. We will do the flyweights, but it has to be the right time."

"When we feel we can support the division the way it needs to be supported, then we will bring in the best flyweights in the world," said Shelby, who was hesitant to speculate on a timeframe. "We will be doing more shows next year, and, as [WEC General Manager] Reed [Harris] stated, we will be doing pay-per-view as well, so hopefully we will see the 125ers sometime in 2010."

This makes sense to me.  No sense in doing something half-way, although that's how Zuffa has been promoting the WEC brand since taking over.  How about a WEC version of TUF featuring the flyweights in the mean time though?

HT: Sherdog