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Apparently Frank Mir Still Believes His Striking Game Is World Class

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In a recent post WEC 43 Q&A, Mir talked about a once rumored match up against Anderson Silva(that Dana White says will not happen) and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira:

"With Anderson, obviously he's a great striker and he is pound-for-pound one of the best fighters in the world," Mir said. "But with my grappling, it would be a very bad night for him.

"I think there's a reason why he should just do a few exhibitions at light heavyweight and stay a middleweight."

Here's what Mir had to say about facing Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for a second time:

"I think Nogueira wants me more than I want him," Mir said. "I don't really feel like I need to fight him. But obviously, if that fight needs to be answered again, I'm more than happy to show Nogueira that he's the same fighter that Randy fought.

"Everybody said, 'Oh, Nogueira is so much sharper now that he fought Randy.' I saw a 46-year-old man punch you in the face as many times as I punched you in the face. The only difference is he didn't knock you down."

"That's Randy Couture; he's knocked down one guy his whole career," Mir said. "He's not known as a power puncher.

"[Couture] is a great wrestler. He's a phenomenally tough guy that will just grind you to death. But if he's out-boxing you and hitting you in the face and you're not falling down, well what's going to happen when I weigh 245-250 (pounds) and I hit you with those? I saw it last December. You're going to fall down."

How long will Mir stand with Cheick Kongo at UFC 107 later this year?

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