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Henderson vs. Cerrone Round One: By the Numbers

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For those that were interested, Fight Metric released the stats from the Henderson vs. Cerrone fight on Saturday night. Most observers in the MMA blogosphere seem to be in agreement that Henderson won rounds 2 and 3 with Cerrone winning rounds 4 and 5, meaning that the fight's winner should be determined by how round one was scored. So how did the numbers break down concerning round one?

Total Strikes:

Henderson- 28 landed strikes.

Cerrone- 5 landed strikes.


Henderson- 1 landed of 3 attempted.

Cerrone- 0 landed of 0 attempted.

Submission Attempts:

Henderson- 0

Cerrone- 2

I realize that numbers don't always tell the whole story, and that's most certainly the case with round one of this fight. Cerrone had a nasty choke locked in that appeared to come very close to winning him the fight. Henderson was somehow able to escape and do some very good work in the remainder of this round. Rounds like this are, in my opinion, good for MMA. It opens up dialogue for fans to discuss judging criteria. The competitiveness of the fight also sets both fighters up nicely for a possible future remtach. In my opinion, both guys have a legit claim to having won that fight. I gave a narrow decision to Henderson but could definitely see an argument for Cerrone getting the nod as well. Or even a draw.