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UFC To Air UFC 104 Prelim fights On Spike TV?

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It looks that way according to Ryan Bader's Facebook page:

Ryan Bader My fight on UFC 104 will air on Spike TV immediately before the pay per view begins so check it out! #fb

Of course the UFC decided to first do this with UFC 103, and while the ratings were not great, the PPV numbers reportedly were around 400K.  Which was very good for that card considering the circumstances of going up against a boxing PPV and being the second PPV in a row without a title bout.  So it seems as if this could be something that the UFC will entertain from now on.  However, there's no word about how many actual fights will air on Spike TV before the PPV begins.  Bader will be facing Eric Schaefer at UFC 104.

[Note by Kelvin Hunt, 10/12/09 4:51 PM EDT ]It appears that the UFC will also be airing the Antoni Hardonk vs. Pat Berry fight on Spike TV prior to the PPV broadcast as well.

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