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Two Things Zuffa Must Do With The WEC

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So another weekend has come and gone, and we got a chance to witness one of the best MMA events of the year in WEC 43.  All of the fights were action packed, and the main event was an incredible battle of will, heart, and skills between Donald Cerrone and Ben Henderson.  However, the only negative about it is that the majority of casual MMA fans more than likely didn't watch the event.  The WEC just continues to put on quality event after quality event and it's sad that the promotion/fighters are not benefiting more from the fruits of their labor.  Which is why it has come to the point where I believe Zuffa needs to do one of two things with the WEC:

  1. Merge the WEC divisions into the UFC
  2. Devote proper funds to promote WEC events properly

I've talked about why I think the WEC/UFC should merge together, so I won't bore you with beating that dead horse again.  However, if Zuffa doesn't have that in the plans then they need to devote funding to promote the WEC properly.  It's absurd that the fighters come out and fight the way they do to make way less than their UFC counterparts.  Not only that, the WEC live events ratings can't even match replays of old UFC Unleashed shows on Spike TV.  That tells you all you need to know about how much focus they put on promoting the WEC brand.  Now WEC GM Reed Harris has gone on record saying the the WEC will start putting on more events basically equaling to one per month from here on out.  That's cool, but if Zuffa isn't going to promote the cards properly, then why bother?  I mean where was the promotion for WEC 43?  Granted, the card wasn't exactly stacked with the WEC posterboys or anything, but there were quality fighters on that card.  What about letting the headliners of each WEC card do video blogs like they do with the UFC guys?  How about promoting future WEC events on Spike the same way they promote future UFC events on the Versus channel? 

It's time for Zuffa to either fully get behind the WEC brand or just dissolve it into the UFC.