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Can Ten Days With Greg Jackson Help Andrei Arlovski?

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From Sherdog:

Andrei Arlovskiis set to visit Greg Jackson’s MMA Academy in Albuquerque, N.M., for a 10-day training camp in the coming weeks.

The former UFC heavyweight champion will be joined by his jiu-jitsu instructor Dino Costeas and will continue his primary training under the Team Pitbull moniker out of Chicago. However, the former sambo champion is hoping to pick up some new skills from Jackson, his staff and his formidable stable of athletes to rebound from back-to-back knockout losses.

Granted, everything about Arlovski has looked great as of late except his chin.  True, he has lost two fights in a row, but it was a one sided fight against Fedor until Arlovski's chin got dismantled.  The fight against Roger's was over before it got started.  However, Arlovski still has a tremendous offensive skill set when he's given the chance to implement it.  I wonder just how effective ten days with Greg Jackson can be?  It seems to me that Arlovski's biggest problem is his mental approach to fighting.  However, Jackson has been known to heavily influence his fighters in a positive light, so maybe this will be beneficial.  What do you think?