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What The Kimbo Slice/Roy Nelson Fight Brought To Light

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-The UFC marketing maching is stupid nice, because Kimbo had the same performance against Roy Nelson that he did against James Thompson.  Which I recall Dana White criticizing Kimbo, but now he's saying 'he came to fight'?  HA!

-Kimbo is the heavyweight version of Drew McFedries.  No disrespect, but Kimbo didn't try any type of escapes from the crucifix positon. At least move your legs to or something to get some momentum to try and sweep your opponent.  But Kimbo just laid there each time he was in that position.  He did try to escape by crawling the cage that one time, but that was about it.  The only way Kimbo could win a fight in the UFC is if he fought someone that would be willing to stand with him the whole time.  If he faces anyone with any semblance of a ground game it's a wrap.  Also his standup technique didn't really impress me either.  He left his hands down each time he thew that jab.  The one leg kick he landed, BOTH hands were by his side when he thew the kick.  That's a no no.

-Roy Nelson didn't really impress me with his performance.  He was praised for his ground game(which is very good) but he wanted to come out and strike with a brawler.  That's not very smart.  He should have put Kimbo on the ground ASAP and put him away in the first round.  He should have brutalized Kimbo while in the crucifix position instead of those little love taps and then begging the referee to stop the fight.  I'm not saying the fight shouldn't have been stopped in the first round, but you need to MAKE the referee stop the fight. 

-Unless Nelson gets with a good camp, he's not going to make any waves in the UFC heavyweight division either.  He looked visibly tired in the second round of the fight, and a veteran like him should have been in shape going into the show.  The upper tier of the UFC HW division would eat him unless he's improved dramatically since the taping of that fight. 

-It seems as if Kimbo will be brought back to fight at some point.  I think he wins that fight.  I just can't see him losing again and Dana White and company justifying him saying 'he came to fight'.  I mean even Junie Browning won a fight in the house before getting on the TUF finale card.