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Wanderlei Silva: "Anderson[Silva] would destroy Belfort"

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From Sherdog:

"I believe Anderson would destroy Belfort. I think it’s a very interesting fight. Belfort has good boxing skills and is a good athlete, but everybody knows that he has a weak psychological aspect and I think he will shake when he gets in the Octagon with (Silva). Let’s see if (Belfort) will put his new karate … I mean old karate, new for him, in practice against Anderson."

Wanderlei Silva gives his prediction for the rumored fight between Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort at UFC 108.  Silva and Belfort fought 11 years ago with Belfort blitzing Silva in under a minute in the first round.  However, Wanderlei is anticipating a re-match and wants it very badly.  Check it:

"Of course we will fight," he said. "I want this fight too much. I believe the first one didn’t happen as I wanted. I was surprised, and it will not happen again now because I’m much more experienced. I’m not saying it will be now or later, but when it happens, I’ll prepare myself a lot to be in my best shape because he is a tough opponent, and I want to give the show everybody expects from me."

Who wins that re-match?