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UFC 94: Georges St. Pierre vs. BJ Penn II Open Thread And Discussion

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I'll be here for the PPV portion of UFC 94, and hopefully you'll join me as we get to witness one hell of a card.  This is one feature that will be enhanced since moving over to the new network.  You will no longer have to refresh your page to see if a new comment has been made, as comments now appear in real time!  Also, I'd just like to mention that NO spoilers should be posted from the undercard, as some of those fights may make the PPV broadcast.  I would love for all my North Carolina fans, as well as MMA fans in general to come out and support MMA4Real for the first PPV on the new network.  

I also want to take the time to put out a new feature here at MMA4Real.  At the bottom of this post(or top right corner) you'll see a icon that says "Buzz Up". Activating that icon will help spread the word about about this particular post, and will be key in helping MMA4Real reach the masses.  So if you could kindly help us out with that I'd really appreciate it.  That same icon can be used for any post that you read here on MMA4Real.  If you read a post and think it's worthy, by all means help spread the word about it.

So with that said join me here at 10pm EST, and I look forward to sharing thoughts with you about the fights.