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Sérgio Cunha On BJ Penn's Strategy For GSP

Muay Thai coach Sérgio Cunha had the opportunity to help BJ Penn train for his upcoming fight at UFC 94 against Georges St. Pierre. Speaking with Tatame, Cunha gave a brief synopsis of what Penn's strategy will be against GSP:

These eight months of work were very good, with two training sessions daily. We’ve set up a plan for this fight, the strategy is to shorten the distance and neutralize St. Pierre, who kicks very well, has a strong game of poke. The priority is to fight stand, in short distance, boxing, knee and elbow. Of course, if he has a chance to knockout and do his game he’ll, but he’ll go after the knockout or submission all the time.

This is pretty much his only way to win in my opinion, as I pointed out yesterday in my GSP/BJ Penn breakdown. Penn has great take down defense and needs to keep the fight standing, but it will be a tall task against GSP.