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Thoughts On WEC 38 Card

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First of all, I was about to take a dump all over myself when I switched to the Versus channel only to NOT see WEC 38 coming on. Once that was fixed, it was nothing but smooth sailing. I've been critical about the pacing of the last two WEC shows on Versus, but WEC 38 was an improvement in that department. I pretty much nailed the predictions for this card, except I thought Varner would finish Cerrone early. Cerrone is tough as nails. On to the fights:

  • Aldo/Perez-Aldo has the potential to be a star. The guy has skills and definitely knows how to work the crowd. I thought Perez looked decent in there, but that knee was timed perfectly by Aldo. I look forward to seeing Aldo fight again for sure.

  • Campbell/Villefort-This was an entertaining fight with some strikes, scrambles, etc. Villefort had Campbell in trouble early with that kneebar, and once it went back to the ground I think Campbell just gave up. Villefort had his back and Campbell offered little to no resistance while Villefort was barely hitting him. Villefort should embrace the heel role, and he was able to get a reaction from the crowd.

  • Faber/Pulver-I think most people knew the outcome before the outcome. Pulver has been through a lot recently, but there's no denying he is in the twilight of his career. Faber did was he was supposed to do, finish Pulver early. I suppose we'll see Faber against the winner of Brown/Garcia next. I think the WEC should give Pulver a gimme fight or something. He has been fighting the upper tier of the Featherweight division for the past 3 fights. He still has a lot of fans, and I think they can squeeze a couple more fights out of him.

  • Cerrone/Varner-Cerrone has a chin on him for real and has NO quit in him whatsoever. I thought that Varner fought a smart fight in that he would try to land strikes during the round and then seal the round with a takedown near the end of each round. I thought he fought to win a decision after the 3rd round though. I think Cerrone's length made it difficult for Varner to establish his range. I didn't think the knee landed on Varner, as it looked like it barely grazed him? I'm not one to question whether Varner could have continued, but I think he knew he was ahead on the judges scorecard. Well, at least it makes for an interesting storyline if and when there is a re-match. What judge scored that fight in favor of Cerrone? That was horrible. I mean Cerrone wasn't getting exactly dominated, but he wasn't winning the rounds either in my opinion. I thought Varner got more takedowns and did more damage with GnP off those takedowns early in the fight.

Overall, I thought the WEC show was entetaining as we got to see nice KO's and submissions. None of the fights shown were boring, which is what you come to expect from the WEC.

What are your thoughts on the fights?