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Thoughts On Affliction 2 Show

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First of all, I thought that Affliction did a good job with the Day Of Reckoning show. Most of the fights were entertaining, and the pacing of the fights was excellent. That was my favorite part of the entire show as it went from fight to fight to fight. We got to experience huge KO's, and a couple of submissions. I did pretty well in my predictions on how I thought the fights would go. Here are my thoughts on the fights:

  • Buentello/Sidelnikov-I thought that Buentello would use his height and reach to his advantage, and that's exactly what he did. It was pretty much a one sided beat down for the most part. Sidelnikov showed a lot of heart though.

  • Babalu/Sokoudjou-I called this fight to a tee. The only difference was I called RNC instead of Anaconda choke. Sokoudjou is still really young, but you have to wonder where his career is going. I mean he hasn't shown much of anything since PRIDE disbanded. His gas tank holds about 2 gallons of fuel, and once he uses's pretty much a wrap for him. I'd like to see Dana White invite Babalu back to the UFC. I don't think he'd ever be champion there, but he would be a good gatekeeper for the most stacked division in all of MMA.

  • Lindland/Belfort-This was my favorite part of the evening by far. I've never really liked Matt Lindland because he talks entirely too much. Plus, I've always been a fan of the "Phenom". I was glad to see that Lindland was 'ok'. I called this win also.

  • Barnett/Yvel-I give MADD props to Gilbert Yvel. That guy is a warrior for sure. I was really surprised that Barnett couldn't finish Yvel earlier. I mean he had the mount for about half of the entire fight and couldn't really do anything with it. Barnett's stock dropped a little in my eyes tonight. IF Affliction is able to hold a third show, we may finally get to see Barnett/Emelianenko.

  • Arlovski/Emelianenko-Wow, AA was pretty much having his way with Emelianenko, and in the famous words of Chuck Liddell...he just got caught. Emelianenko did look human in this fight though. I have a feeling he has an L coming his way within the next couple of fights. Of course, that depends on who he winds up fighting.

The worst part about the show was Tito Ortiz. He did "Ok" commentating during the fights, but the post fight interviews were horrible. I don't know, maybe he was trying too hard or something. He was fumbling over his words all night. Hell, he told Fedor "let me tell you how you are feeling right now." Then he said that Barnett won a decision, when Barnett won via submission from strikes. They need to keep him out of the ring if there's a next time. Also, please fire Scott Ferrell. Kudos to Affliction for also giving an update on Matt Lindland after being KTFO like that.

What are your thoughts on the show?