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Joe Lauzon On Beating Hermes Franca

Joe Lauzon spoke with Spike TV about his upcoming main event fight against UFC veteran Hermes Franca:

SP: I don't want you to give away too much, obviously but can you give a little idea of what the key to victory is going to be here?

JL: They key for me is being defensively perfect. Hermes hits really, really hard and on the feet he comes in blasting with overhand rights and hooks; all kinds of stuff. On the ground, as soon as you try to relax a little bit, he's trying to break your arm and take it home with him.
This is an intriguing match up in my opinion. Franca is incredibly difficult to finish, and as Lauzon mentioned very slick on the ground. Franca is coming off a win at UFC 90 against rival Marcus Aurelio with Lauzon stopping Kyle Bradley at Ultimate Fight Night 15.