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WEC 38 Analysis And Predictions

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WEC 38 will take place this Sunday night, and is part of a stacked weekend for MMA. The WEC will be our dessert if you will, with Affliction 2 and UFC 91 both being available the Saturday night beforehand. Affliction via PPV, and UFC 91 airing on Spike TV for those that didn't get a chance to see that event. The WEC event will air on the Versus channel beginning at 9:30pm EST. Let's get right to the fight card for WEC 38:

Danillo Villefort vs. Mike Campbell-This fight is a match up of two up and coming fighters. Villefort is the more experienced of the two fighters, while Campbell is currently undefeated. However, the opposition both fighters have faced up to this point is pretty underwhelming with Villefort submitting UFC and IFL veteran Mike Massenzio in his last outing for the biggest 'name' between the two. Both fighters have shown they like to finish so this should be an exciting fight I suppose. I haven't seen much footage on either fighter, but I know that Villefort trains with American Top Team. I'm going with Villefort via submission.

Mike Aldo vs. Rolando Perez-Aldo burst on the WEC scene upsetting Alexandre Franca Nogueira and has gone 2-0 since joining the WEC. Perez is a Total Combat veteran and will be making his WEC debut. I think Aldo is the favorite here, and has shown ability to win via submission or punches. Both fighters only have one loss, but Aldo has faced the tougher opposition up to this point. I think he'll be too much for Perez, and I'm going with Aldo via TKO.

Urijah Faber vs. Jens Pulver-Ahhh...the re-match that is happening too soon, although I understand why it's happening perfectly. I don't see any reason to see why this fight will be different from the last encounter. The only difference is that Faber will probably be able to finish Pulver this time around. There's nothing Pulver can do to negate the speed and explosiveness of Faber. Couple that with the beating Leonard Garcia gave him in his last outing, and it's a recipe for an impressive stoppage for Faber. Faber via TKO.

Donald Cerrone vs. Jamie Varner-This is the match up I'm waiting for right here. Cerrone was one half of MMA4Real's 2008 fight of the year. Cerrone has won the majority of his fights via submission. In his last fight, he was very impressive outstriking a known striker and former LW champ in Rob McCullough. Ironically, Varner did the same thing against the same guy. However, he was able to put Razor Rob away with punches. Varner is versed in submissions, but the edge may go to Cerrone there. I think he'll want to keep the fight standing anyway, as he'll enjoy a power advantage. Cerrone will have a height and reach advantage, so it'll be interesting to see how Varner adjusts to that. Cerrone is capable of winning, but I see Varner taking him out. McCullough dropped Cerrone a couple of times, and if Varner is able to connect like McCullough did? It'll be lights out for the cowboy. Varner via TKO.

The WEC usually puts on a great event, and it's FREE on the Versus channel. Be sure to check it out on Sunday night, and join me here on MMA4Real to discuss the fights as they go down. Also, be sure to place your picks for this event in the comments section.