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Jerry Millen: "Dana White Is A Chicken Shit"

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Pro MMA had the opportunity to interview Jerry Millen at the Affliction press conference that took place on Tuesday. As usual, Millen wasn't at a loss for words and continues to fuel the war of words between himself and Dana White. Here's Millen on competition being good for the sport:

Dana White, he wants to be king of the world. That’s a problem in this business. To me, mixed martial arts, I love the sport and been doing it for a long time now, it needs more than one promotion. Otherwise, it is going to be a fad. It will be controlled by one company, the salaries, the match ups, the fights…and that’s how Dana wants it. Sure, in a perfect world, if you live in a fantasy, its great but it’s not a fantasy. There are a lot of guys here that are great fighters, that don’t fight in the UFC. Now, they are going to get a chance with Affliction. It’s a tough business. With the economy, there is only so much money to go around. The UFC tries to eat up anybody that comes at them. Which I think is ridic..they’re afraid of competition! Dana is stupid, he does not understand that competition is good for the sport. It is good for your own promotion. When they bought PRIDE and shut it down, it was a stupid move. Competition is good.

I agree that competition among organizations has it's merits, but the statement he makes about MMA being a fad with only one main promotion is retarded. He mentions that Affliction has some great fighters that are not fighting in the UFC. That's exactly why I'm a fan of one promotion being the leader. That scenario allows the best fighters to fight the best fighters consistently, without fighters being strung out across multiple organizations. He mentions the UFC trying to eat up everyone that comes at them? Re-read that statement and tell me what business man would not try to destroy another business man that comes at them trying to compete for the same market? In terms of him talking about Zuffa shutting PRIDE down. How can he consider it a stupid move? Does he feel that way because he lost his job? How does he know that Zuffa running both the UFC and PRIDE simultaneously wouldn't cost Zuffa millions of dollars without any profit?

The following is in response to Millen being asked about UFC counter-programming Affliction:

Dana White is a chicken sh*t. Point blank. He’s afraid, he’s too busy looking over his shoulder at who’s coming at him, instead of looking forward. He’s like "Oh, we’re moving forward! Oh, but wait! These guys want to try and compete with us or try and put on a show? Screw them. They can’t put on a show.’ He’s too busy. He is worried about other promotions. Do your thing man, do your thing and let these other guys do their thing. If you’re that good…you shouldn’t be afraid of competition. So, maybe, Dana White and the UFC aren’t that good.

Ha! That's classic Millen right there, and a prime reason why he's where he is and Dana White is where he is.