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Virginia MMA- Barbarian Fight Club Presents "The Tie Breaker"

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The MMA scene in Virginia heats up once again on Saturday, February 7th, 2009. Barbarian Fight Club Presents "The Tie Breaker" MMA event featuring over 15 MMA fights. The fight card is as follows:

  • Thomas Childs vs. Jeremy Urban(HW Bout)

  • Bobby Frattallone vs. Joe True(LHW Bout)

  • Zach Roseboro vs. Cameron Leopold(LHW Bout)

  • Joshua Duggins vs. Shawn Daughenbaugh(MW Title Bout)

  • Steven Jenkins vs. Boris Rakita(MW Bout)

  • Greyson Jones vs. Jason Zearfoss(MW Bout)

  • DeVon Mosley vs. Tyler Hopkins(WW Bout)

  • Bryan Lane vs. Bill Bookwalter(WW Bout)

  • Vincent Borden vs. Clint Connelly(WW Bout)

  • Casey Watson vs. Mike Iacono(LW Bout)

  • Alan Herzog vs. Mike Manion(LW Bout)

  • Nate Miller vs. Joey Elmore(FW Bout)

  • Daniel Stefon-Myles Patrick vs. Jeff Smith(FW Bout)

  • Trevor Muhler vs. Matt McDermott(FW Bout)

  • TJ Studer vs. Thomas Minnick Jr.(Bantamweight Bout)

  • Shawn Steen vs. Kenny Savercool(Bantamweight Bout)

Click here for ticket information, and ticket will be available at the door.