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Affliction 2: Day Of Reckoning Promo[Video]

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Since Affliction has done such a poor job of promoting their second event, I suppose this is the least I can do. I have a couple of questions:

1. Why did Affliction schedule a conference about their upcoming fight card on the same day/time as the President's Inauguration?

2. How can Affliction make money when the same bars that showed their first card will not be showing their upcoming card?

I highly doubt we'll ever see a 3rd show from Affliction. They will more than likely lose more money on this show than they did the first one. When you look at the Affliction fighter salaries, UFC counter-programming, the boxing match they are competing with, the WEC event the next day, UFC 94 on next week, and bars not purchasing their PPV? It's going to be a wrap, which is unfortunate for the fighters.