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UFC 93 Recap And Thoughts

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I know I'm a little late on this by now, but I was contemplating even writing something about this event. I was trying to find an exact way to describe how I felt about it, but I still haven't been able to communicate that. Weird. I know and understand that the UFC holding events overseas is very important for the growth of MMA. I just have to say that I REALLY dislike it when they hold shows over there. It just messes the entire day up for me as I'm navigating my own site trying to not see spoilers from the feed I have from Anyways, let me get to the fights before I go on and on about absolutely nothing:

Lytle/Davis-As I wrote prior to this fight happening, I think it's ridiculous for both fighters to have such an agreement in terms of having an ultimate kickboxing match. The fight was mildly entertaining I suppose, but it's not something I'll think about 25 years from now. I really think the UFC needs to frown upon fighters openly coming out and saying they are going to stand and trade. If that's all the fans want to see, where does the 'mixed' in martial arts come in? How can fans become accustomed to a fight going to the ground when fighters agree NOT to take it there?

Horn/Palhares-Horn is done as a fighter. Palhares dominated him even with a broken hand suffered in the first round. I'm telling you Palhares has a bright future if he evolves into a fighter with more than superior grappling/BJJ.

Kang/Belcher-This fight really disappointed, or should I say Kang really disappointed. He was pretty much doing what he wished against Belcher until he gassed. A veteran like him shouldn't get caught in a guillotine like that. However, Kang has a penchant for falling into submissions lately and this fight was no different. So much for him making an immediate impact in the MW division. Also, please refrain from giving Belcher the microphone again. I understand fighters are exciting after a big win and all, but that was horrible.

Shogun/Coleman-All I'm say is Shogun will be KTFO if he fight Liddell like he fought Coleman. Liddell may have lost a step, but he's no Mark Coleman that's for sure. I couldn't believe how Coleman took Rua down with ease even when he was gassed. I understand that Rua has been out of the fight game for a while and all, but he should have had a visibly gassed Coleman out of there in the first round. Mark Coleman, you fought valiantly but you should retire now.

Henderson/Franklin-Fight went just how I thought it would, except I thought Franklin would be able to defend the take downs much better than he did. "Decision" Dan strikes again and the UFC is much better off with him winning this fight. It saves Franklin from having to cut down to 185 again, and allows him to continue fighting at LHW. It also takes Henderson(someone that's not a big PPV draw) out of the loop for a while which doesn't hurt the UFC. It also saves us from a possible Silva/Franklin 3.

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate UFC 93?