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Predictions And Analysis For UFC 93

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Well fight fans it's that time again! Don't you just love the week leading up to a fight night? What's crazy is we'll be experiencing this feeling for the next 3 weeks! UFC 93 has received some flack for whatever reasons, but the card itself is full of interesting match ups for the most part. It's eerily similar to UFC 67 for me. It's the first card of the year with a couple of 'name' fighters making their UFC debut or re-debut if you will. However, I hope it turns out to be better than UFC 67. The most memorable things from that card was Cro Cop walking to the cage with the PRIDE theme playing, and the Rampage/Beastman stare down. Alright let's get right to the fights:

Chris Lytlevs. Marcus Davis-We already know the game plan with this one. Both fighters have said they are going to stand and bang it out. I'm a somewhat a fan of slug fests, but I hope the fight isn't full of sloppy exchanges. Both fighters are 'pro' boxers, but technical aspects of striking usually get thrown outta the door when fighters are trying to put on a show. The crazy thing is both fighters are no slouches on the ground either. In fact, most of Davis's wins have come via submission believe it or not. I think these guys will stick to their word and slug it out though, seeking some type of bonus money. Whether it be fight of the night or KO of the night..or both. Both guys have iron chins and both hit hard so this fight is really a toss up. I'm going to roll with Chris Lytle in this one. Simply because he's almost impossible to finish and has fought better opposition. I mean this guy stood toe to toe with Thiago Alves and was holding his own.

Rousimar Palharesvs. Jeremy Horn-I'm a fan of Palhares for sure. Many people think Dan Henderson beat him soundly, but I have to disagree. I think Palhares did very well in that fight and definitely held his own. While Horn is a savvy veteran and slick on the ground, I think Palhares is going to be too much for Jeremy Horn. I think those 100+ fights have caught up to him, and he's on a currently losing skid as well. Palhares is the real deal, and if he develops an inkling of striking ability he could be trouble. Palhares via RNC.

Denis Kangvs. Alan Belcher-I can't wait for this fight. I've been a fan of Kang for a while now and I'm really interested to see how he's going to perform in his UFC debut. Belcher is no slouch standing, but Kang is the more well rounded fighter. Belcher is coming off that razor thin split decision win against Ed Herman, and Kang has KO'ed his last two opponents fairly quickly. If Belcher fights like he did in his last night he could be in for a short night. I'm going with Kang via decision with some UFC jitters on the side.

Shogun Ruavs. Mark Coleman-Similar to some MMA4Real readers, I'm only interested in this fight to see if Shogun is back up to par health wise. If Rua is healthy he should destroy Mark Coleman in the first round. Rua via TKO.

Dan Henderson vs. Rich Franklin-I broke the fight down here. I think this fight could be very similar to the Hamill fight for Franklin. However, I see Henderson forcing it to go to a decision.

What are your thoughts on the fights and who are you picking? I'll be doing another open thread for UFC 93(just as I did for the Fight For The Troops event). I'll be here on MMA4Real(10pm Version), so make sure you drop by and check me out if you don't have anything going on. We'll be discussing the fights as they happen, and if you aren't ordering the PPV you can find out what's happening as the fights go down.