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Initial Thoughts On UFC Primetime

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I was really looking forward to seeing how this show was going to develop with all of the hype that surrounded it. I tried to watch the show from the perspective of someone that is just getting into mixed martial arts so to speak. I think that's mainly what the show was geared for, so I wanted to see how effective it would be with that mindset.

The show began with BJ Penn talking with his "to the death" perspective. I felt that the way he said it came off just a bit corny, because I mean are you really going to fight to the death? However, it served it's purpose and you quickly identify Penn as the trash talker. It immediately helps the viewer make a decision in terms of how they are going to view each fighter.

As GSP's segment begins, the show quickly shows the contrast between he and Penn. I thought that was marvelous and a new viewer is probably about ready to choose which fighter they are going to cheer for by now. You have the hard working nothing handed to him guy, against the guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth type of vibe going. This show was so dope they used the weather between Hawaii and Canada to show the contrast between fighters. It's 86 degrees in Hawaii, while it's 4 degrees in Canada. Which really went well with the silver spoon/blue collar hard working contrast. Hell, they let you know that GSP used to be a garbage man! Also, towards the end of the show it hit that same contrast again in regards to BJ wanting to take time off from training. Then showing GSP killing it in the gym, and that just leaved you wanting to see more.

The only gripe I have with the show is that it was too short. I really wish it would have been an hour long. However, the show definitely made me want to tune in next week. I think this show lived up to the hype that was heaved upon it. It was definitely different than the usual countdown shows for sure. I hope to see this direction taking more and more as the UFC begins to polish this marketing tool even more.

What are your thoughts on UFC Primetime? If you were rooting for BJ beforehand, did the show make you change your mind or vice versa?