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Sokoudjou vs. Babalu Hype Video

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First of all, this is one of the few match ups I would be interested in on this card. If it goes to the ground I think it's a wrap for Sokoudjou. The short scene they showed him on his back wasn't impressive at all, or maybe he was about to transition into something. Regardless, he looked pretty helpless on the ground against Machida so I'm sure it'll be the same with Babalu.

What the hell were Tom Atencio and Loretta Hunt(no relation btw) talking about? Hunt is usually on point, but all I kept hearing was Sokoudjou and his Judo throws. I know that's his background, but we sure haven't seen much of it since he's came over to MMA. You would think he uses Judo in MMA like Karo Parisyan or something the way they were talking. The funny thing is that is all they talked about, and yet you don't see Sokoudjou doing ONE Judo throw in the entire clip. Also, why are they talking like this is a must win fight for both guys? It's a must win for Sokoudjou, but Babalu has won 4 fights in a row albeit against sub par competition. Who do you have in this fight?