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Lyoto Machida Knows The Game

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If you win Thiago, do you believe that will win the chance for the belt?

I think that if I don’t win the chance, I’ll be very close. The category is getting harder every day, the fighting are strong, then I believe that, after that, if I won’t be a candidate for the belt... I’ll train more and I think it will even be good, because I’ll get more fights and get there more rounded... I think I deserve a chance to dispute the belt, but it’s a decision of the event and I’m calm about that. My time will come.
Lyoto Machida speaking with Tatame touched on a variety of things from title shots, Dana White, and how he looks at other fighters. The interview doesn't really shed light on anything we didn't already know for the most part. However, it does give you a good idea of Machida's perception of himself when compared to how others see him.

There's a large contingent of pundits and fans that believe Machida has already earned a title shot. I think I've gone on record enough times about that, and why I don't agree with those sentiments at the moment. I think Machida is also aware of the fact that it takes more than just remaining undefeated for him to get a shot at the belt. The main thing he needs to do is fight and beat better competition. However, I'm aware that Machida can only fight who the UFC puts in front of him as well. I agree with him in that fact that as long as he keeps winning his time will come in terms of a title shot.

I think he'll expose Thiago Silva as an overhyped prospect, but I'm not sold on him becoming champion anytime soon. I think Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson are both bad match ups for him.