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Jamie Varner Highlight Video

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I found this on the UG yesterday and forgot to post it. For some odd reason, I used to could not stand Jamie Varner. I think it was his cockiness, but he has shown a great deal of humility since becoming the WEC light champion. I think the guy has a lot of tools and could give some of the guys in the UFC LW division a run for their money for sure. I can't wait to see his upcoming match up against Donald Cerrone. What are your thoughts on Varner?

Also, I'm about to head out to take my daughter to the cardiologist. She was born with some type of heart murmer, which has turned out to be 'ok' thus far. We just have to take her for check ups every 3 months or so to make sure her heart valve is growing with the rest of her body. So if I'm not back posting this afternoon that's where I'm at ;). I'll be back tomorrow so you guys can grace me with your presence. Have a good one!