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UFC All Access Suggestion

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I don't think anyone can truthfully say that the UFC isn't the number one MMA organization in the world at the present time. Dana White and company do many things well, and have communicated that they are always trying to improve the product that they put out. Well, I have a recommendation to improve that product. The UFC is scheduled to air an "All Access" show on Spike TV featuring former UFC Middleweight champion Rich "Ace" Franklin prior to his fight against Dan Henderson at UFC 93. I think it's great that the UFC puts these types of shows together. It lets fans venture into the lives of these athletes outside the cage just a bit. I just have one question.

How many All Access shows does Rich Franklin need?

Franklin is an established name within the UFC fan base, and most fans are familiar with his story so to speak. How much are they going to benefit from having him on that show once again? I love Rich Franklin as a fighter, and in no way am I trying to belittle him in anyway. I'm just trying to look at things from another perspective. The UFC has acquired some fighters over the past year or so that are veterans of the MMA game. However, many of them have not been promoted much at all. Why not give those fighters a spot on the "All Access" show? Why rely solely on TUF to help create the stars of tomorrow? "Shogun" Rua, Denis Kang, and Ivan Serati will be fighting on the same UFC 93 card as Rich Franklin. Wouldn't featuring one of those guys be more beneficial in terms of helping to create a new star opposed to using a guy that's already been on the show before?

I understand that Kang and Serati have yet to fight in the UFC prior to UFC 93. However, if that comes into question then what's the real purpose of the "All Access" show? Let me hear your thoughts.