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Wanderlei Silva Says He Needs To Improve Striking Technique...Wants Liddell Next

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Wanderlei spoke with MMAWeekly:

I’m going to study what I need to change, what I need to train different," Silva explains. "Because now my cardio is the best cardio in my life. I have a very good condition. Now, I need to change a little bit of my technique to come back to win."

On a possible next fight with Chuck Liddell:
"I think I need to train more stand-up, because he has a longer reach," says Silva. "I think I need to train more boxing than Muay Thai."

Basically Silva is echoing my sentiments in which I wrote about last week here and here. I think a re-match with Liddell would be a welcome fight by many fans, as the first fight was great. However, if Silva fails to correct his striking technique he could very well be on the receiving end of another loss. Also, he mentions that he walks around at about 215lbs and doesn't like to cut more than about ten pounds for his fights. So again, you can throw out the 'size' variable as a reason for him possibly moving down to 185 as I mentioned last week. Silva is scheduled to meet with UFC president Dana White this week to decide on what's next for the former PRIDE champ.

Would you like to see him re-match Liddell before moving down to MW, or would you like to see him go ahead and make the move to 185?