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First of all, I have no idea how Mark Coleman is going to cut to 205! That dude has always looked beastly huge to me. Anyways, in the interview he admits to basically being thrown to the wolves again. He knows he is the underdog in this fight, and really doesn't have anything to lose. Sometimes that is a scary fighter to face, but I don't think an in shape "Shogun" will lose this match up. In fact, I see brutal knees in Coleman's face when he shoots in for that take down. Trust me, he will be shooting for that take down. I have to admit I'm somewhat intrigued by this fight, more so to see how Shogun will perform. I'd like to see 'prime' Shogun return to compete in the stacked LHW division. Even more so, I'd like to see a re-match with Rampage Jackson. What about you?