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Tennessee MMA-Crank Cage Fighting Championships

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This Tennessee MMA event will take place on January 10th, 2009, at the Appalachian Fairgrounds in Gray, Tennessee. The doors will open at 6pm with the first fight starting at 7pm. General admission for the event is $25, and VIP tickets are $45 each(4 per table). The weigh in's will be January 9th, starting at 10pm with the fighters on site at 9pm. You can go here for more information, with ticket information here. The fight card is as follows:

  • Jay Page vs. Jason Thompson

  • Bobby Thompson vs. Alex Taylor

  • Abe Petermon vs. TBA

  • Tyler Stover vs. Eric Ohene-Bekoe

  • Sean Barnette vs. TBA

  • Cody Smith vs. TBA

  • Brian Mullins vs. TBA

  • Chris Dutton vs. TBA

  • Daniel Ready vs. TBA

  • Sam Agushi vs. Milo Byers

  • Mitchell Hatton vs. Matt Klepper

  • Stephen Ross vs. TBA

  • Casey Crum vs. Pat Driscoll

  • Tony Montemarano vs. John Sykes

  • Nichols Vecchione vs. TBA

  • Brian Peeler vs. Jake Mitchell

  • John Messer vs. Jerry Bentley

  • Trevor Wilds vs. Josh Clifford