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Shinya Aoki Will Settle For Being Second Best

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In post fight notes after the K-1 Dynamite event, Shinya Aoki gave his thoughts on BJ Penn and the UFC:

"I think there’s no doubt that B.J. Penn is still the best at 155 pounds. He’s most likely the best fighter in the world. I don’t ignore the UFC," Aoki commented. "I respect the UFC because it’s a very high level organization -- a high summit in the sport."

The credibility for the WAMMA belt goes right outta the window with that...LOL! I can respect him for acknowledging that someone is better than he is, but the next quote I just can't figure out.
"Personally, the most decisive fight in the world, the culmination, the pinnacle for me is B.J. Penn," Aoki said on the eve of arguably his greatest victory. "Please do not misunderstand -- I really need this to be clearly expressed in the media: Shinya Aoki will not go to the UFC. I just want to fight B.J. Penn. This is my selfish wish. I know that everyone says they want Penn, but I think I’m the number one Japanese fighter to be saying this."

How can he say he wants to fight BJ Penn, but will not fight in the UFC? He speaks pretty highly of the UFC, but gives no reasons as to why he will not fight for the organization. That equals settling for being second best in my book. Personally, I think BJ Penn would destroy Aoki. What do you think?