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Happy New Year!

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I know I'm a little early, but I thought I'd at least tell all you guys Happy New Year. I'm hosting a massive get together at my house with friends and family, and will also be celebrating Madilyn's(my daughter) first New Year! We are having food, good music, adult beverages, and somebody is getting their ass kicked in spades tonight haha! It damn sure will not be me and my spade partner as we went 8-0 last New Years. So you KNOW we have to defend the title! So I'll talk with you guys next year. Again, I would like to thank each and every one of you that come by and support MMA4Real. We've come a long way in a very short amount of time. I know I keep harping on big things coming on the horizon, and I promise I'm not pulling your leg like Frank Mir did Brock Lesnar. Just stay aboard the MMA4Real bandwagon and you'll see just what I'm talking about as we help put North Carolina MMA on the map. As well as keep you up to date with things on the major circuit of the UFC. Also, if this is your first time reading MMA4Real make sure you join us on myspace. If you are a regular and haven't done so...please get us on your friends list!