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NC MMA-Amateur Fight League Presents "Fight To The FinishIV"

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The Amateur Fight League organization is starting 2009 with a bang, holding their first 2009 show in Elizabeth City, NC. The date will be January 10th, with the fights starting at 7pm EST at the National Guard Armory. The fight card is as follows:

  • Mike Hammon vs. Jason Ramos

  • Eric Farnham vs. Casey Johnson

  • Aaron Tumbleson vs. Bobby Jacobs

  • Joshua Munden vs. Bryan Reynolds

  • Eric Martindale vs. Brandon Moore

  • Brian Ward vs. Jamie Pickett

  • Ryan Christensen vs. Chris Beach

  • Kelly Wilkins vs. Brandt Kime

  • Alando Swain vs. Najee Muhammad

  • Edward Jackson vs. Sheyenne Housand

  • Vincent Clark vs. Keith Bell

  • Carl Sing vs. Ryan Leggett

  • Michael Keller vs. Dennis Wrigley

If you live in the area make sure you come out and support our local MMA scene. You can click here for ticket information.