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Initial Thoughts On UFC 92

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  • Wow, what a night of fights as the card really lived up to the hype in my opinion. First of all, we got to see about 8 fights if I remember correctly and all of them were pretty exciting. Let's get right into it"

1. There's no doubting Rashad Evans now. The fight went how I expected with Forrest pressuring Evans with Evans picking his shots. Evans took my advice and didn't waste any energy in trying to take Forrest down. In fact, Evans is becoming Liddellish in his willing to stand and trade albeit his technique is much cleaner than Liddell's. Can we PLEASE see Rashad vs. Rampage Jackson next? In my opinion, Rampage deserved an immediate re-match with Forrest, although I can understand why he didn't get one with his run in with the authorities. But, it's only right at this point. I wonder if his legal situation will affect him getting the title shot that he has earned? Did you ever think Rashad Evans would be the #1 LHW in the world? Also, what are your thoughts on Rashad's taunting gesture on Griffin? Personally, I thought that shit was

2. Frank Mir basically shit on every thing I thought would happen. Nogueira coming in heavier than usual did kind a of concern me, but he looked like a shell of himself in the fight in my opinion. Before this fight I would say that Brock Lesnar would have steamrolled Mir in a re-match. However, now that fight has become much more competitive with Mir's performance tonight. That fight will do huge PPV numbers, and Mir has certified himself as a top ten HW at this point. As far as Nogueira, we really need to see him fight Couture in his next fight.

3. I think I was one of the few people that actually gave Rampage a chance to win this fight tonight. I knew he was a much different fighter than he was 4 years ago. However, I never thought he would KO Wanderlei like that. That was one of the most beautiful left hooks I've ever seen in a MMA match. The technique was superb and everything was tight as hell. Yo, what about the extra shots that Rampage gave Wanderlei after Wandy was already out? As I said earlier, we really need to see Rampage vs. Evans next. Wanderlei will be Wanderlei in my opinion. He's always a very dangerous fighter with wild looping punches, but he lives or dies by them. Now that guys are perfecting their standup game with better technique and straight punches, the days of him winning consistently are over. Maybe he should move down to 185? I mean he did weigh in at 203 for this fight.

4. Cheick Kongo really impressed me tonight. His take down defense has improved by light years, and that was some VERY viscious GnP. He is right there on the cusp of title contention depending on who they match him up with next.

5. Matt Hamill was Matt Hamill. I swear the guy looks gassed half the time, yet still is relentless in his attack. Can you say goodbye to the UFC Reese Andy?

6. Patrick Barry was kind of impressive tonight. I like that he attacks and his stand up looks pretty clean. No idea about his ground game, but I'd like to see him fight again.

7. For all those Okami fans, you wonder why his fight didn't make the live telecast? After reading the PbP you already knew what would happen. Does the UFC just not like the guy? Why would they match him up with someone like Dean Lister? Lister has no stand up and his take downs are telegraphed. Okami couldn't finish Dean Lister, so that should tell you something in regards to how a fight with Anderson Silva would go.

Well, that's all I have for now. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the card in the comments section. I'll be back onboard with the site full force this coming week since the holidays have passed. The winner of the UFC 92 Pick'em contest will also be announced on tomorrow. Now let's hear your thoughts!!!