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Tito Ortiz Is Delusional

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Tito on possibly re-signing with the UFC:

Ortiz -- who made his debut at UFC 13 in 1997 -- said recent talks have been less than promising though.

"I got the first negotiation of what they offered me, and I was still looking at the same [figure] that I had left from," said Ortiz. "Dana had his personal agenda against me of not promoting me and it’s fine. I’m going to continue to excel. You can only hold a good man down for so long."
#1. Why would they give him a pay raise?

#2. He isn't the PPV draw that he once was

#3. He hasn't beaten anyone in a LONG time.

I mean if I was at my job and I went from doing a very good job to half assing my job. When it's time to talk about a raise, do you think I'd get it? It's funny he thinks that Dana has a personal agenda against him, when all the UFC has done IS promote the guy.

#1. He was on The Ultimate Fighter and was portrayed in a much better light thsn Ken Shamrock

#2. He's had an All-Access show. Even the boxing thing with Dana was promoting Tito, abeit negatively somwhat. However, he could have smashed that stigma(for lack of a better term) by winning his fights inside the octagon.

#3. He was also featured as part of the "UFC Countdown" shows for UFC 73 and UFC 84 when he wasn't even the co-main event.

At some point the guy needs to stop being paranoid about someone having a personal vendetta against him, and start winning the fights he is presented with.