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Where Is The Hype For UFC 92?

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About a month ago I asked the question would the hype for UFC 92 surpass the hype that UFC 79 had. I think most people will agree that on paper UFC 92 surpasses UFC 79. We have two championship belts on the line(albeit one of them is an interim title), and a match that endures years worth of hostility between two of the best fighters of our time. That's not even mentioning the rest of the card that has some solid fights on it as well. We are just over a week out from the event, and to me there just seems to be something missing. I mean I'm hyped to death for the event, as my dad and brother are driving up to watch to show. Everyone I talk to is hyped for the event, from people I know personally to the readers that post here but I'm just not seeing a big push for the event.

I don't know, maybe there's is a totally different atmosphere building in Vegas where the event will take place. I reside in here in North Carolina so I can only speak on that. Where is the promotion for the event? I see commercials on Spike here and there, but for the most part I'm not seeing a big push. The UFC maybe waiting until next week to give the event one last big push in terms of promotion. Which is similar to what they did for UFC 91, although that event was covered by ESPN. Is UFC 92 big enough to get that same treatment? Drop your thoughts and let me know just how hyped you are for UFC 92, and where you plan on watching the event.