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Will Ribeirio In Accident

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According to Tatame: received a call from his coach Luiz Alves, telling about the bad motorcycle accident suffered in Rio de Janeiro, earlier today. "Things are really bad… The accident happened around 1a.m.. He were riding a bike without a helmet and, when tried to brake, skided and crashed", told Luiz Alves, who also told the athlete is in coma at Andaraí’s Hospital.

Will was Brian Bowles opponent at the last WEC event in what was a very good fight. Let's keep Will in our prayers and hopefully he will pull thru.

**Update With Ed Soares(Ribeirio's Manager) speaking to MMAWeekly:

'My assistant said that the doctor said for sure that he (Ribeiro) has lost sight in one of his eyes,' Soares said. 'He’s still in a coma. After surgery the doctor said there is a 50-50 shot that he will come out of it (survive).'"